Recap: Social Business For Real Work

Yesterday marked the end of my Social Business For Real Work series that has been running on the BroadVision blog since January. The series aimed to provide a set of pragmatic and practical examples of how enterprise social networks can help with the types of collaboration challenges many businesses face on a daily basis. Here are links to all 13 articles – an updated version of the eBook will be in the iBooks store soon.

 A New Employees First DayThe Company Meeting sbrw4sbrw5 sbrw6sbrw7 sbrw8sbrw9 sbrw10sbrw11 sbrw12 sbrw13

Social Business For Real Work

I’ve started writing a new series on the BroadVision blog, called “Social Business For Real Work”.  The focus here is much more down-to-earth and pragmatic than my previous series, The Business Communication Revolution – it aims to give examples of how social business techniques can be applied to real business problems right now.

The introduction and the first four articles are now online, with a new article published every week or so. Click on cartoons below to link to each article.

Social Business For Real Work

A New Employees First Day

The Company Meeting

Align Sales And Marketing